Dietary Recommendations For Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue is so common and it is something that you may be experiencing at the moment. In this article about dietary recommendations for adrenal fatigue. I am going to talk about the different phases of adrenal fatigue, what adrenal fatigue is and how it affects your body.  Also what cortisol production is and the optimal ranges. I will also talk about what causes adrenal fatigue and then what your body actually needs nutritionally to help heal and recover from it.

There are different stages of adrenal fatigue, it is so important understand the different phases and what is actually going on in the body. Often adrenal fatigue is over diagnosed as a cause or the issue, when it is actually a symptom of an underlying issue. The goal in finding real health is to get to the root cause and find out why you are getting this symptom of adrenal fatigue. It is often used by professionals as a label to put on a exhausted body, the thing is a body doesn’t just get adrenal fatigue, there is an under lying cause as to why. You want to uncover what that underlying cause is in order to heal the symptoms of adrenal fatigue.

Phase 1

This where your body is able to produce enough cortisol and keep up with the amount of stress that is around it currently. However energy, sleep and weight issues are beginning to be a problem. You may be feeling pretty good, but just not quite right. There is something going on and you you aren’t sure what, and you are just tired all the time. Your body in this phase is over producing cortisol, your total cortisol output will be really high, as your body tries to keep up with what stressors are going on.

Phase 2

This where you may be doing a similar amount of work, leading the exact same life as above, but your body can no longer keep keep up the cortisol production anymore and  starts to get worn out and tired, this is where you may be starting to wake up later, you may wake up in the middle of the night, wired at night time and have a hard time falling asleep or you have real afternoon slumps, basically your bodies natural cortisol rhythm has been disrupted. This is where your total cortisol output will be becoming depleted, the body can’t keep up with the amount of stress.

Phase 3

This where that cortisol production has been really depleted, you are exhausted, run down and really struggle to get much done in the day, brain fog, depressed, fatigue, blood sugar problems, run down, lots of symptoms related to adrenal fatigue. Total cortisol production will be really low.

The other thing to understand is that the body doesn’t just get adrenal fatigue because of a busy day, in most cases there is an underlying cause. Our bodies are designed to handle stress, however an over exposure to stress is what the body can’t handle. In most cases of adrenal fatigue there is something going on inside that is a hidden stressor causing the imbalance in cortisol. This imbalance over time is what your adrenals can’t keep up with and when you tie that in with a stressful job, poor sleep, bad lifestyle and poor diet your body soon begins to get really exhausted!


Getting Tested

You can have your cortisol levels tested to find out whether or not you have adrenal fatigue and at what stage you are at. You can also get testing to help uncover any hidden stressors and get to the root cause of what is happening and why it is happening and get the right diet and supplements to help bring your personally back to real health. If you are wanting to do this, take a look at all the information here on this here Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and get in touch with me.

For someone with adrenal fatigue you first have to be really clear about what your goal is, to often people combine weight loss strategies with gut healing protocols, or fertility with performance. They get really confused , wonder why its not working and get no where. First understand what your body is needing right at this moment and focus on that. Then work on that, once you have got your energy and vitality back, you can look at fine tuning things a little for weight loss or performance. Thats not saying that you wont lose weight, improve fertility in the process, you just have to understand what is going on, and if you try do to many things at once you will get confused with the information. Its just about making sure you know what your goals are right now, and be really clear about what is important to you at this moment. When you are clear about your goals you will get the results you are after and most probably a whole lot of side benefits in the process, however if you are confused and switching between things you try and jumping around here and there, you will get no where and most probably more stressed and frustrated in the process!


Natural Cortisol Rhythm

Our body has a natural cortisol production, it is high in the morning as soon as we wake and over the course of the day it naturally goes down. When you head to bed it should be at its lowest allowing you fall asleep easily. For so many people this natural rhythm is lost. Whether it be through to much caffeine, food intolerances, over exercising, under exercising, inadequate sleep, not enough sunlight. There are so many things that can effect this rhythm, your goal is to always lead a lifestyle that helps keep this natural balance in check. Then provide the body with the right sort of exercise and diet that supports this natural balance.

Here is an example of a normal cortisol range

  • Cortisol Morning (6-8am)  13.0 – 24.0 nM/L
  • Cortisol Noon ( 12-1pm ) 5 – 8 nM/L
  • Cortisol Afternoon ( 4-5pm ) 4 – 7 nM/L
  • Cortisol Nighttime (10-12pm ) 1-3 nM/L

An imbalanced cortisol production could look like this

  • Cortisol Morning (6-8am)   – 28 nM/L
  • Cortisol Noon ( 12-1pm )  – 14  nM/L
  • Cortisol Afternoon ( 4-5pm )  – 1.0 nM/L
  • Cortisol Nighttime (10-12pm )  – 7.0  nM/L

This person has a really high morning cortisol, high mid morning, then really low afternoon and high evening. So they will be getting some real fluctuations in energy over the course of the day. Mid afternoon they will be exhausted! Then in the evening wired and are going to have trouble falling asleep. When cortisol is high melatonin can’t play its role, this is your sleep hormone. So its a vicious cycle, you have to get back to basics, find out what the underlying cause is, get your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle in place and then allow the body time to bring that balance back.


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Inside the online gym I have the full article where I go into detail on the nutrition and dietary changes you can make to help with adrenal fatigue including the autoimmune protocol that I recommend. I talk about the actual nutrients your body needs and why some of the common diets recommended for adrenal fatigue may not be your best bet. Get informed and educated on how you can heal your body from the inside out.

I have been through adrenal fatigue and this is why I am so passionate about helping others deal with theres. Information is vital and inside the online gym I share as much information as I can to help you take care of your adrenal health through proper nutrition and lifestyle balance. Fine tune your diet and start improving your energy with the webinars, details questionnaires, autoimmune diets, menu plans and so much more inside the online gym. 


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