8 Signs You Could Have Adrenal Fatigue


Are you tired, exhausted and just feeling average?? This is too often considered normal and I want to stop this. I want to show you how you can feel extraordinary, how you can find energy and vitality and just feel simply fantastic. I have felt so average before and for far to long and there were a number of signs and symptoms that I got along the way but choose to ignore at the time.

One place that may be holding you back is that your adrenals could quite simply be exhausted and burnt out causing your natural cortisol production to be irregular. Here are 8 signs you could have adrenal fatigue.


8 Signs You Could Have Adrenal Fatigue

1. Energy Highs and Lows throughout Your Day.

Are you addicted to caffeine and you quite simply could not function without your morning coffee or 2, or 3….. Do you then feel ok after your coffee, but then fatigue sets in early afternoon? Do you find it hard to muster up the energy to even contemplate exercising?

All these things are signs of cortisol dysregulation. Cortisol follows a diurnal rhythm. Highest first thing in the morning, then as the day changes so too does your natural cortisol output. First thing in the morning you should feel fantastic, and then have consistent stable energy throughout the day.


2. Do You Crave Sugar And Carbs?

You aren’t hungry but you just want carbs or you need some sugar. When cortisol is out of balance it affects carbohydrate and fatty acid metabolism. When you have low cortisol production you will have low energy. The cravings are calling for symptom relief and providing you with some short term energy hit. This, however, will lead to weight gain, especially in the presence of other hormonal imbalances which can be linked to adrenal burnout.


4. Poor Sleep Quality

You have trouble falling asleep, wake in the middle of the night and/or have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning. Some days you are simply wired, and other days you feel like a truck has hit you yet you can’t get to sleep.

This is another sign of cortisol deregulation. Having trouble falling asleep is often due to high cortisol in the evening and this affects the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone. If cortisol is high, melatonin is low. There can be a number of things causing high cortisol in the evening. Not only does external stress increase cortisol but high night-time cortisol can also be associated with an infection, things like parasites, bacteria and fungus increase evening cortisol levels.


5. Trouble Recovering From Hard Training Session

You’re finding exercise really hard because it takes you days to recovery from a workout that you used to recovery from easily. Or you are finding that your muscles are sore for days afterwards when normally they used to recover much faster and it’s hard for you to put on muscle.

DHEA and testosterone are the hormones required for muscle building and recovery. If you have high levels of cortisol and your body is working overtime it will lead to low levels of both DHEA and testosterone because these are produced using a similar pathway and your body is now trying to keep up with the cortisol demands and therefore not producing enough of your other hormones. It quite simply can’t keep up any more.


6. You have sore joints and getting injured a lot!

Your bones and joints seem to ache, you are getting sprained ankles and sore knees every time you try and start something new. You just seem more injury prone than ever!

Cortisol is hormone designed to liquidate your body, keep your joints and ligaments healthy. If you are overproducing it leads to excessive breaking down and increased inflammation. Meaning any injury you do have seems to take forever to heal and when you do heal it seems to come back right away or something else does.


7. Your Digestion Is Shot!

If your body is stressed digestion is inhibited. Your digestive system requires the body to be in a state of rest and digest. High cortisol tells your body “fight or flight” doesn’t matter where the stress is coming from. If your body has to run away from a tiger chasing it, digestion can wait!  Chronically over producing cortisol leads to poor digestion, malnourishment due to poor absorption of minerals and vitamins and then lowered immunity and often infection.


8. Poor Libido

Not interested anymore??

When your cortisol is high or exhausted your sex hormones pay the price. Any disruption in your steroid hormone balance affects a huge array of functions in your body. If you have increased adrenal hormone output, it can lead to improper digestion, nutrient deficiencies, food sensitivities, poor sleep patterns, quality of training and so much more.


How Do You Get Your Hormones Tested?

All to the above symptoms can lead you down a frustrated path. We are all busy being busy and this can take a heavy burden on the adrenal system and your hormonal balance. Getting answers and understanding what is going on in your body can be hugely valuable.

The Bio Health #205 is a simple saliva test that you can do in the comfort of your living room. By getting answers from this one test you can understand more about what is going on in your body and I can design a diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol to help you find energy again. The hormones measured by this one test are Cortisol x 4, estriol, DHEA, estradiol, progesterone, testosterone and melatonin.

When you learn what is going on in your body, and you uncover and address the root cause of your stress and why your hormones are out of balance. We can then work together to find a protocol that will help bring things back into balance again. We will increase and maximize nutritional density of your food, ensure you are getting sufficient rest and have a good balanced lifestyle and exercise program to suit, along with a well thought out training program and lab-based supplementation.

If you are interested in finding out more about functional diagnostic nutrition, or you would like to get some testing done.

Simply email me nicola@foreverfit.tv.

Or you can read up more about functional diagnostic nutrition here 

Read up here all about the Biohealth #205 Adrenal Stress Profile 

You can also read about all the other tests and more information here.

If however you simply want to get healthy and on track without the lab testing, then join the online gym.

Inside I have detailed articles all on nutrition and lifestyle to help improve adrenal function. As a member you can fill out the hugely valuable nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire and get help and guidance on what foods to eat and what lifestyle changes to make.


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I have been through adrenal fatigue and now out the other side and this is why I am so passionate about helping others deal with theres. Information is vital and inside the online gym I share as much information as I can to help you take care of your adrenal health through proper nutrition and lifestyle balance. Fine tune your diet and start improving your energy with the webinars, details questionnaires, autoimmune diets, menu plans and so much more inside the online gym. 

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